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Social Entrepreneur, Art Collector

Haro is a social entrepreneur and a collector of media art currently residing in Zurich. He is the Founder and CEO of EK BİÇ YE İÇ that operates urban farms and health food eateries in Istanbul with the mission of creating an alternative ecosystem that allows a healthier, more enjoyable, and more sustainable life in big cities. Before this project, Haro ran collectorspace, a nonprofit organisation that aimed to open up private art collections to public view, and subject them to critical review. His background is in data analytics.

Haro serves on the Board of Directors of Council, Paris; on the Board of Advisors of Protocinema, New York/Istanbul; is a member of New York MoMA’s Acquisition Committee of Media and Performance; and sits on the Selection Committee of LOOP, Barcelona.


Technologist, Educator, Artist

Yariv spent the last 13 years at Google, where he is leading product and engineering team, working on cutting edge AI projects. He is an experienced speaker on the topics of AI, and innovation.
Yariv is passionate about the connection of AI and art, and has been experimenting in that space.

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