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AI for Art Workshop

What is the role of creative AI in art? Rather than speculating on this question, our goal is to spark informed and productive conversations between AI technologists and art professionals.

AI for Art Workshop
AI for Art Workshop

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland


About the Event

In the past few years, AI has been acquiring superhuman capabilities across a range of skills--from the simple senses (e.g. seeing, hearing, and tasting), through to advanced scientific research (e.g. in predicting how proteins fold) and game playing. In abstract strategy games such as Chess and Go, (human) Grand Masters admitted that watching AI play inspired them to think in novel ways about the game, and how to play it. 

Can AI do the same in creative fields? Early work suggests that it is capable of providing artists a new field of vision, a new tool-set that allows broader/deeper exploration of their interest areas. Generative AI can already compose music and text, and generate visual artifacts--from the very abstract to hyper realistic, across 2D images, videos, and 3D objects. However, for a healthy development of these capabilities in an intellectually rewarding direction (at least for humans), art professionals and AI technologists have to be able to understand and speak each other's language. 

We bring together AI technologists, artists, curators, writers, gallerists, and collectors to facilitate the conversation. We will have a structured lecture on the state-of-the-art creative AI with guest speakers from the field, followed by a panel discussion with different viewpoints on the subject, and time for free-flowing exchange of ideas.  


  • Intro to AI & Deep Learning
  • Looking inside the brain of the machine
  • Generative Adversarial Networks - Creativity through game theory
  • Creative probability - from prediction to generation
  • Productionizing “creativity” - democratizing art or deep fakes?
  • Panel

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